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Scott Damron shares details of continued support for Entrepreneurs’ Organization

By | Scott Damron

The Entrepreneurs’ Organization is the world’s only peer-to-peer network exclusively for entrepreneurs.

The Entrepreneurs’ Organization, or EO, was founded in 1987 and is the world’s only peer-to-peer entrepreneur networking organization. Backed by serial entrepreneurs such as Scott Damron, the organization currently supports 179 chapter locations in 57 countries across six continents from its U.S. headquarters in Alexandria, Virginia.

EO members are not solely part of the global organization, they’re also part of smaller, thriving local chapters, within which they can connect, face to face, with entrepreneurs such as Damron. Providing a forum for entrepreneurs, mentorship, and executive education, EO also boasts a healthcare foundation, an accelerator program, and regularly hosts both chapter and global events.

Through chapter learning and social events, members and mentors alike are invited to both hear and share big ideas. Through their participation, EO members are investing in their local communities, in their local economy, and in doing so, becoming a more well-rounded entrepreneur themselves. This comes with the added benefits of an expanded personal network and an ever-improving level of business knowledge and know-how.

“EO operates on a number of core values,” explains Damron, “primarily centered around trust and respect, and a thirst for learning.”

He continues, “In business, as in life, integrity is everything at EO. Within its network, integrity goes deeper than just the game rules. It’s their code of conduct. Confidence, respect, and inclusiveness are all imperative within EO.”

“Non-judgment,” Damron adds, “and non-solicitation are non-negotiable.”

Damron shares the organization’s passion for learning wholeheartedly. “The most valuable asset for both EO mentors and members is wisdom gained via an appetite for knowledge, and the transformational experiences shared among peers,” says the experienced entrepreneur. “It’s entirely my belief that a thirst for learning leads to an open mind.”

“And with that,” he adds, wrapping up, “an open mind leads to greater opportunity.”

Scott Damron is an experienced executive and serial entrepreneur with a business background in sales, business development, and marketing strategy, with a particular focus on the healthcare and hospital sectors. Atlanta-based Damron credits his love of innovation and a forward-thinking approach to business for his success, both professionally and personally, and which has seen him and his endeavors prosper.

All EO members must agree to comply with the organization’s policies and procedures, bylaws, and code of conduct. To find out more about EO, please visit

Scott Damron looks at business highlights and current interests

By | Scott Damron

A serial entrepreneur and experienced executive, Atlanta-based Scott Damron has enjoyed an illustrious career in business.

From sales, business development, and marketing strategy, to the hospital and healthcare sectors, highly motivated entrepreneur Scott Damron has enjoyed a varied and successful life, both professionally and personally. According to the Atlanta native, it’s a love of innovation and a forward-thinking approach to business which have seen him and his endeavors flourish.

Reflecting on one such endeavor, Damron reveals more about ASP Global, which provides medical and surgical supplies, patient preference items, and custom products to the healthcare profession. Founded by Damron, the Atlanta-based business, with further operations in the Pacific Rim, offers control over both product design and cost.

“ASP Global was established to support those in the healthcare sector in reaching their savings targets and exceeding patient experience goals,” he explains. Indeed, ASP Global is well respected in healthcare circles and provides supplies including everything from scrubs, clinician apparel, thermometers, and stethoscopes, to maternity kits, patient belongings storage, cups, cutlery, and much more.

While Damron has since sold his interest in ASP Global, he’s now focused on a number of other projects. One such project with which the experienced executive and entrepreneur is involved is Victory Sales, Inc.

Bringing his passion for innovation to Victory Sales, Inc., Damron is working with the business on what he calls a ‘truly innovative solution’ surrounding the global distribution of branded footwear. “I have a number of other current involvements, too, both in industries and areas within which I’ve previously been associated, as well as new ones,” he adds.

Further to his current business commitments, Damron is also dedicated to helping others by sharing his experiences and successes via groups such as the Entrepreneurs’ Organization and the Young Presidents’ Organization, or YPO.

“If I can share my experiences, and in doing so benefit others, I absolutely will,” adds Damron, who has served as a C-level executive within numerous successful national and international organizations throughout his career, in addition to financing and founding his own highly successful endeavors.

According to Damron, such experiences, and the importance of maintaining high levels of passion in business aren’t topics which are routinely covered in schools. They are, however, something which experienced mentors such as himself can share with groups like the YPO and the Entrepreneurs’ Organization, he suggests.

“I tell everyone, ‘Remember never to stop learning,'” says Damron, wrapping up, “and with that, always be willing to share what you’ve learned, so that the cycle may continue for generations to come.”